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Looking for an affordable pediatric dentist near Windermere, FL? A.K. Islam, BDS is a professional dentist that is ready to provide you with an excellent dental service. We serve Windermere, Winter Park, Ocoee and all other nearby areas in the State of Florida. Pediatric specialists are highly skilled and possess the knowledge that is beneficial for children and teens. As a parent, you have the assurance that you’re in safe hands relying on a top-rated pediatric dentist that will provide your loved one with a flawless service. Achieving a healthy and beautiful smile does not have to be a difficult goal to achieve. Devoted professionals will take the time to give your child the right dental care that is required. In a kid-friendly setting, specialists will get to work to rectify the dental problems of your loved one. By relying on the most reputable and competent dentists in the industry, going to a dentist can be a fun experience.


If you want to make a visit to a dentist office, stop by A.K. Islam, BDS to receive the personalized attention that you deserve. We’re extremely committed to giving you a safe service. If your goal is to obtain a beautiful, healthy smile, we’re confident that you will be pleased with our dental services. Once you stop by our dentist office, you can expect us to perform the latest and most effective techniques that are suitable for you. Our team of trained dentists is honored to serve you. You can count on us to help you achieve the beautiful smile that you desire. 

Whether you live in Windermere, Winter Park or in another nearby community, the professionals at A.K. Islam, BDS are happy to serve you and will exceed your expectations. For more details about the dentistry that’s right for you, visit